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Aidkoum moubarak

Welcome to my website! Can you believe how time is just flying by? Make sure to check out the photo and video pages for the newest pictures and videos! Mom and Dad can't believe how fast I'm growing... but this is only the beginning so keep checking in as mom and dad try to add stuff all the time!Thanks for stopping by!

Mommy and Daddy tell me that I am the prettiest little boy in the world, and they talk to me and read to me and sing to me and kiss me like crazy! I already have some nicknames... Mama calls me her mimich, nounou. Daddy calls me zwina.I like both names, and have already actually started to smile when I hear them!



What my name means? I am so young to understund, I just remember my name at this point but they said: My momy and dad named me MOUNIR, but it was the idea of my dad. Mounir means LIGHT, no, not LÉGER mais LUMIÈRE. I was born on the last week of ramadan, so, my dad and mom thought a little bit and said, what would be better as name for this event??? so they said mounir and maybe I was born fi laylat el kadr? who knows?? en tout cas ISM 3ALA MOUSSAMA!!! but momy... you can ask my momy to tell you the story if she didn't do already!! I love my name,and even my  parents to give me it!!!

My dad expect for me to love computers and games computers, I don't know why;he said I am verry happy when I am in front of it. But if it's true, my parents will suffer from me, I am sure!          

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